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      Our History

Dedicated Vessels Limited (DVL) is a typical model of Women in Business, Limited liability entity with modest equity that runs into millions of Naira, 0ut of which not less than three women maintain largest controlling equity and influence. DVL was incorporated in 2013, to provide among other Agro-Allied services, Project Management, DVL seeks to be a major player in offering technical consultancy services in the Oil & Gas sector of Nigeria’s economy, as well as, the entire West African sub-region, and beyond. The services of Dedicated Vessels cuts across regions and borders. Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC), Facility Management remains part of the areas of engagement of DVL, Export, especially processing and packaging of agricultural produce cum products, have in recent times attracted the attention of DVL management. DVL runs model Farms where plantations of rice, cassava, and other agricultural products are intensified in three States in Nigeria, namely Kwara State, Osun State, and Ondo State. Other areas of activities include Logistics services. Equipment leasing services which includes Vessels for various use in both upstream and downstream sectors of the oil & gas industry. Educational Services is receiving the attention of the management of DVL, with a special focus on women's literacy.

DVL, has been brought to existence as a result of emerging businesses opportunities in Nigeria, with relatively fewer numbers of services provider organizations that can be trusted for timely and effective delivery of services in the core area of qualitative and reliable services to its clients both locally and internationally. DVL has embarked upon uncompromising value-added services for the satisfaction of its clients and employees alike, taking into consideration Total Quality Management measures which remain its watchword for ensuring clients’ and employees’ efficient business relationship.

DVL, believe will always lead to establishment of concrete business relationship as well as global connectivity which will not only create robust bilateral business relationship with its allies and business associates internationally, in addition to promotion of skill, and its enhancement, as well as exchange of economic activities between continents for further industrial growth locally and internationally. Each of these core areas especially the Import department will lay greater emphasis in ensuring marketing and effective showcasing of its products/services through it in the entire sub-Saharan West Africa region taking advantage of existing fertile business opportunities in Nigeria as well as international trade relationship between Nigeria and other countries.

The Export Department is responsible for exporting of local raw materials needed tor used and operations of foreign-based concerns as it relates to their day-to-day business needs. Items such as palm kernel, cassava, and its related by-products remain a few of the products this department exports to other countries. This aligns with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s economic pursuit of making Nigeria a leading exporter of various cassava products abroad. The Export department focuses on the exportation of these products to the United States of America and other European countries. This department, for operational efficiency, is divided into two areas namely, finished food items and raw agricultural products for further processing abroad. This has been in total conjunction with the National Food Drug Administration and Control and that of the other foreign countries. The Agro-Allied Services Department, operating in conjunction with the Export Department undertakes mechanized farming which deals in livestock as well as plantations crops for local consumption and export purposes.

The IT Department operates under the procurement arm of the company. It deals with services that are technologically related. It handles sales, marketing and services of electronics/telecommunication equipment in collaboration with the consulting technical company Optimum Engineering Services, with its offices in Pakistan, in addition to other Nigerian based engineering consultancy companies with whom have entered into a bilateral business relationship.

The Consultancy department deals with the provision of human and material resources locally in all the sectors of the Nigerian economy, especially in the Oil & Gas sector. This includes the undertaking of recruitment of qualified personnel to every cadre in any organization that requires its services. It also undertakes IT training in software & hardware, in full collaboration with leading IT companies in Nigeria. Other activities include publishing, pre-press services, Workshop/Conferences that relate to client needs.

Markets remain global especially for the Import & Export Department of DVL with trade relationship with other countries as earlier highlighted with industrialized nations like the U.S, U.K and other countries. DVL will, in addition, give relevant attention to the cultivation and sustenance of mutually beneficial business relationship with suppliers and buyers of goods and services.

DVL offers optimum Products and services to our clients which will

  • Reduce operational cost
  • Minimize downtime for maintenance
  • Utilize “ state of the art” oil and gas technology, supplemented by the most current technology
  • Ensure compliance to stringent schedules with on-time project completion
  • Compliance with all regulatory, statutory and environmental guidelines

Our Mission

“To create an innovative entity that will showcase professionalism, and take a lead in excellent customer service delivery, driven by people, performance and achievement”

Vision Statement

“To be the most successful Women In Business enterprise, by being the best and the strongest in every business we compete, while focusing on creating a sustainable shareholder value”


Our commitment to meaningfully improve and benefit our customers and the society at large reminds us to continually uphold our own principles and have a continuous improvement and value adding mentality towards attaining this vision. Consequently, we believe in:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Professionalism
  • Results orientation and achievement
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Safety & Health
  • Performance with a Sense of Urgency

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